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admin2071 2 January 2022 1 Comment

Time to plan

Tomorrow is the first day of work in the new year. I have learned a good habit since 2017, which is planning and setting goals. My life has not been without improvisation,nor has it been without deviating from plans, especially in the first and second year.But I was ambitious and persistently pursued goals…
The year 2020 was different, despite Corona, I succeeded in achieving most of my goals . now the year 2021 is passing and I was achieved a lot of what I sought for, but there were many disappointments, feeling weak, frustration, lack of justice and sometimes unfairness. It is not easy to accept some facts and it is not natural, but it is necessary to make progress.
A good year begins. Planning is necessary, and I will plan and invite you to plan. first of all , Remember that planning means achieving a shift from a first situation to a second situation, which means that the second situation must be realistic in terms of time, resources, capabilities… in relation to the first situation.
Flexibility is very important, making alternative plans whenever necessary, and letting the former plans fall, not all roads lead, some of them are blocked.
It is also necessary to persevere, commit and maintain morale, as life will often stress us, distract us, and we will forget our plans and goals, and this is the worst of all, because failure to achieve the goal means learning from trying and learning what we have to do in the future…

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